M.M. Shelley

In the ultra-competitive marketplace of books and book writers, you’ll find the strong, the weak, and the in-between. Sometimes the work is wonderful; sometimes it’s not. Sometimes storylines are too thin, characters are too weak, and tall tales can be too long, too short, or too incomplete. And sometimes, regardless of the work and the effort, they’re just not satisfying.

Many disappoint, but M.M. Shelly isn’t one of them. Her stories are filled with bold adventure, her characters are beguiling and believable, and her ideas seem to originate from timeless histories of people and places that lie only on the farthest fringe of our imaginations.


This happens because M.M. Shelly is . . . different. Born and bred in Southern California, raised in a typical middle class household, she comes from a normal childhood and a public education. Nothing special. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing amazing. And yet, she’s still . . . . . different. Not in a bad way; more like in . . . a better way.
But still . . . . . different.


There’s something about her that makes her very unique. Not strange; not peculiar. Just different. Rare. Distinctive. An inner quality that seems to hide just below the surface, and yet rises to the call of her creations. Her books. Her characters. Her plots, twists and turns. She’s not like other writers. She follows the rules of writing only until they no longer serve her purpose — then she simply breaks them. Never because she doesn’t know or understand — but always to make a point. Any point — at any time — any place — under any circumstance — and with any character. She simply breaks rules when she feels they’re irrelevant and develops new ones that may last forever or never ever be scene again. You just never know. Why does she do it? Because she can. In her world, and the worlds she creates, she can, and so she does.


For example, in a moment of a character’s excitement, the blur of a run-on sentence may contain a piece of information so inconceivably important that without it the curse may never be lifted because time is of the essence or even if it does get lifted it probably won’t be in time to prevent another death because somebody didn’t listen to somebody else who really should have listened to that individual in order to prevent getting into this confound mess to begin with and that’s just for starters and so now where do we go from here?!?!?!!!!


Like a powerful enchantress who never stops bringing forth the magic, you never know what’s coming next. One can only imagine. Her abrupt twists and turns are welcomed, and we follow them without question, pause, or regret. Especially her characters. For the characters she creates come from M.M. Shelly because they are M.M. Shelly. Not just an extension or expression or afterthought of how she thinks and creates. Her characters are driven because her persona is driven. Her characters are exciting because M.M.Shelly is exciting, and her characters are strong, confident, challenging, passionate, angry, articulate and more because M.M. Shelly is all of these things and more — so very, very, much more.


She has the ability to envision what will come because she knows the secrets of what has come before. That’s why she can create and recreate what she has envisioned, often in ways that make you believe you’re experiencing them for the very first time. For she has the gift of storytelling, and perhaps that’s just one of those special things that make her different . . .


M.M. Shelly is a writer who thinks like a wordsmith, creates like an artist and presents like a pro — and the triple combination of her style is more than simply entertaining. It’s also deadly. But that’s who she is and this is what she does, and if it wasn’t for her and those like her who strive to stretch the outer limits of their imaginations with their talents and skills, the rest of us might still be drawing pictures on cave walls instead of being able to sit back, relax and enjoy these incredible adventures.


M.M. Shelly grew up as a reader of other people’s tales. Now she’s a writer with tales of her own — and she shares everything; the loves, the laughter, the pain, the suffering, the wonders and wiles and nightmares that will keep you glued to your seat on the rollercoaster ride and turning pages as fast as you can read. So give yourself a unique treat and escape into the worlds she’s conceived and the characters she’s created, and you’ll be forever thankful you discovered her discoveries.

Take the plunge.
Turn the page.
And take the time to explore.
She’ll be with you all the way through to the end.
Whatever, whenever and wherever that might be . . .